Franchise Futures provide unparalleled franchise development support, mentoring and advisory services to established and emerging UK franchise brands. We are a one stop-shop for successful expansion.

Franchise Development Support

Once Franchise Futures has established that your business model is proven, profitable and meets our solid brand standards, with our unequalled hands-on support service, we start to build a durable and robust foundation by developing a strong franchise infrastructure. From implementing documentation, streamlined processes and sophisticated systems, to creating visually eye-catching promotional material and devising a PR campaign to support the launch.

Franchisee Recruitment

Setting up and operating a food and beverage business is a high investment opportunity. Therefore, understanding an investors mindset is a skill that requires mastering. Most importantly, to avoid one of the biggest pitfalls in franchising, our considerable experience in filtering out franchise partners that best suit your franchisee profile is second to none. Franchise Futures will take care of all your franchisee recruitment needs; from advertising the opportunity, lead handling to getting that all important franchise agreement signed.  

Franchise Restructure

Franchise Futures have a vast amount of experience in managing and overcoming challenges. Through our insight, we have learnt that many franchisors do not have the correct infrastructure in place to recruit and support franchises, yet they are selling franchises unaware. The long-term impact can be detrimental to a brand, with significant financial loss, mass consumption of time, even legal action. With our hands-on support and contribution, our clients have benefitted significantly.

What you need is a solid and simplified foundation. Franchise Futures will review your existing structure and reimplemented where necessary, or the entirety, of the systems, processes, documentation, and advertising collateral ahead of relaunching the franchise

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