Your expert guide to embarking on a successful franchise journey, from creating a pre-launch buzz to building business from day one.

Opening a franchise can often be a lucrative venture, offering entrepreneurs a proven business model with a built-in support system and a network to lean on for advice and support. Well-established franchises come with a solid brand reputation, a good marketing reach and customer testimonials. By following the franchisor’s tried and tested methodology, franchisees are spared much of the pain of building a brand from the ground up and making costly mistakes, which can often be at the root of start-up failures. However, despite gaining a head start in setting up a new business, the path to profit in franchising isn’t guaranteed without planning and effort. For new franchisees, going the extra mile at the start of the venture can set them on track to recouping fees and expenses, generating customer loyalty and growing faster, but what exactly is involved in a successful launch?

We’ve asked experienced franchisors and consultants to share their successful strategies for launching new franchises – from pre-launch to day one – to ensure things get off to a positive start.

Ready, get set… go!

Franchise consultant Krishma Vaghela on the many ways franchisees can elevate their launch to get business off to a flying start:

  • Social media marketing – dependent on whether a franchisee has permission to have their own social media pages. In most cases this is best left to the franchisor as they have a larger community of followers and franchisees can focus on local marketing while the franchisor promotes the upcoming opening and offers.
  • Direct marketing campaigns – leafleting door to door.
  • Local networking to create awareness of the brand and opening offers.
  • Reach out to family, friends and the local community for support in spreading the word and invite them to the launch.
  • Send out PR kits to local companies, inviting them to the launch.
  • Invite social media influencers.
  • Use your personal social media profile to promote the upcoming opening and the offers (ie post on local Facebook groups if permitted by the admins).
  • Make sure you have resources or a dedicated area for selfies on site, allowing for brand exposure by customers.
  • Hire entertainers and balloons outside the store to catch the eye of passers by.
  • Ask invitees to bring others. You may want to request RSVPs so that you have an idea of numbers to plan for supplies.
  • Hand out free merchandise and ‘come back soon’ vouchers on the day enticing customers to return.

Source: What Franchise

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Krishma Vaghela

Founder of Franchise Futures. Franchise and Business Development Consultant, Mentor and 5x Awards Finalist.