The most important aspect of franchising your business is not just about recruiting outstanding long-term franchise partners, but how to continually manage their expectations by working towards building a healthy long term relationship, avoiding the most common pitfalls as a franchisor. Your company culture has to be franchisee focused.


The key reason franchisees invest in a franchise is because of the level of support they will receive throughout the term of the franchise agreement.

Your role as a franchisor is to ensure that your franchisees are successful. Start by supporting them through setting up their business and offering initial training to get them off the ground. This is followed by on-territory or site launch support, regular on-going training whether virtual, by way of video, face to face and regular audits of the their business and challenges. Not all franchisees will require the same level of support or face the same challenges (if any), however as best practice, maintaining a level of consistency across each franchise business will also protect your brands identity.


A franchise relationship has to be treated like a valuable asset, almost like a marriage. It has to be developed and nourished. It is based on respect and trust as well as open and honest communications.

The breakdown of communication is a common issue in partnerships and the probable cause in this case, is poor relationship management by the franchisor.

From the moment franchisees are recruited into the business, it becomes the absolute responsibility of the franchisor to continually manage the expectations of their partner/s. With or without a field team, the communication needs to be clear, concise and continual. Email, phone and regular face-to-face visits, all contribute towards building a strong foundation and an exceptional business strategy.

Franchise growth, expansion into more geographical locations and a large network of partners means the provision of dedicated regional field support. With the inclusion of virtual meetings, events such as an AGM or gatherings to celebrate and reward success and monthly newsletters, the franchisees will always be kept well informed.


Ignorance and disregard can cause a franchisee to feel neglected and disrespected.

Providing your franchisee with a key point of contact is of relevant importance. Franchisees should feel well supported by head office personnel should they need to ask a question, voice their opinions, ideas or highlight concerns.

Promptly follow up a conversation with your franchise partner by email or telephone, it is a great way to re-affirm to them that you have actively listened to what they have had to say, regardless of whether the conversation is positive or negative. The point is, you have patiently listened and the partner should feel they they have been heard. Listening is a priority and any necessary actions, if required, should be dealt with immediately. Don’t forget to document the communication, and any issues raised or complaints, should be requested in written form and certainly not via WhatsApp!

It is easy for conflicts to begin if a franchisee feels ignored or unsupported. Unsatisfied franchisees will need more nurturing, maybe more face to face visits and action plans to get the relationship back on track.


From the moment you speak or meet with a prospect, be as transparent as you possibly can about your business, yourself and your future intentions.

Introducing an honest and open culture within the franchise network from the start builds trust. This should run through your entire business.

If you have faced or are facing challenges as a franchisor, be forthcoming and address these outright. Outline your plan of action to overcome those difficulties. You will be respected by the prospect for being upfront from the start.

Overall, ongoing support and training, open and transparent communication, great listening habits, ultimately, in return makes for contented, successful franchisees and network retention.

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Krishma Vaghela

Founder of Franchise Futures. Franchise and Business Development Consultant, Mentor and 5x Awards Finalist.